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Cheap Music Gear Online: Drums/Percussion, DJ Gear/Lighting, Guitar, Bass, Key/MIDI, Recording, HiFi Equipment...

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Cheap Music Gear Online: Drums/Percussion, DJ Gear/Lighting, Guitar, Bass, Key/MIDI, Recording, HiFi Equipment...

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Educator Edition: Comprehensive and extremely user-friendly. A method specifically designed to be used by educators. 100+ Songs: Piano and Keyboard Method features music from classics to popular modern hits to make learning fun! Multi-track audio and colorful MIDI accompaniments enhance the learning experience, and the Method includes hits popularized by artists such as Billy Joel ('Piano Man"), Elton John ('Candle in the Wind"), Los Lobos ('La Bamba"), Bob Dylan ('Knockin' on Heaven's Door"), Scott Joplin ('The Entertainer"), Ludwig van Beethoven ('Ode to Joy"), Spencer Williams ('Tishomingo Blues") and many others. Piano Fingering and Guitar Chords: The piano fingerings help teach the correct fingering for each note. Guitar chords are included so a friend who is learning guitar can play along with you. Piano fingerings and guitar chords can be toggled on or off for any screen. Full Motion Video: Professional piano instructor Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, guides you with over 70 videos with demonstrations of techniques. Many of the videos include split-screen displays with close-ups for a clearer perspective. Animated Keyboard Displays: Color-coded fingerings as the music plays. It allows you to see exactly how to play the song on a keyboard as you hear the music. Music tracking highlights the notes being played on the screen, making it simple to follow along. Multi-track recorded audio: High-quality, multi-track recorded audio is included for every song and exercise. Audio playback options include piano only, voice only, and full audio including both piano and voice. Variable-Speed MIDI: Slows down the audio to any tempo, while the Animated Keyboard shows song fingering as the music plays. You can play along and learn at the pace best suited to your skill level! MIDI playback options let you select left or right hand only, or a tick metronome track to play along with. Colorful variable-speed MIDI accompaniments are also available and can be fun to play along with! 316 Step-by-Step Lessons: Arranged in 12 chapters, the lessons cover the basics such as hand position, rhythm and playing on black keys, then moves on to more advanced concepts such as music notation, sight reading, intervals, chords and scales. On-screen teacher Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., provides clear and friendly instruction. Interactive Feedback: When using an electronic MIDI-compatible keyboard, you can get specific feedback on note and rhythm mistakes made while playing to help you get it right the next time! Clicking on an individual feedback balloon brings up a keyboard showing you exactly what mistake was made and what should have been played. Also, an overall percentage score summarizes how well you did on the song. Keyboard Tips: With the click of a button, you can get suggestions as to which 'voice" to use on your MIDI keyboard to get the best sound for the song! Reviews and Ear Training: Interactive review and ear training screens help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear. Digital Metronome: Allows you to set your own tempo and work on your speed, rhythm and timing. Provides both visual cue and/or audio tick. Full range of tempi, from largo to presto. Digital Recorder: Record and play yourself back! This feature allows you to compare your recordings with the instructor's version, fine tune your skills and share your recordings with friends and family. … Details

Sony CDCASE3 CD Walkman Carrying Case: Protection and premium CD Walkman portability. Sony's easy to use CD Walkman carrying case provides comfort and functionality. It features a cool and sleek style with an adjustable belt size and holds your ATRAC CD Walkman player with extra CDs. Compatible with … Details

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Vic Firth T2 Cartwheel Timpani Mallet: These models reflect Vic's 40-plus years of experience as a solo timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Each mallet is turned from a single piece of rock maple, eliminating a core that could rattle and the need for a screw-on washer to secure the head. Coupled with round, seamless heads, they produce bigger and brighter sounds. Felt is the finest grade 100% virgin wool from Germany. Cartwheel-S ball. … Details

Cheap Music Gear Online: Drums/Percussion, DJ Gear/Lighting, Guitar, Bass, Key/MIDI, Recording, HiFi Equipment...

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